User friendly ASB Calculator


Finally I’ve completed creating a user friendly ASB calculator. You no need to modifiy details calculation table. Just key in key value in main column as below.

To download, click this link => ASB calculator V1.1

Value to key in;

  1. Starting amount : Current amount in your ASB. (Nilai dalam ASB anda sekarang)
  2. Monthly : Your investment per month. (Jumlah pelaburan bulanan anda)
  3. Yearly : Your investment per year if applicable. (Jumlah pelaburan tahunan anda sekiranya ada)
  4. Period (Year) : Total year of investment. (Bilangan tahun pelaburan)
  5. Total : Your total return of investment. (Jumlah pulangan pelaburan anda iaitu termasuk jumlah pelaburan + dividen + bonus)


If you find any error, please let me know.

5 Responses to User friendly ASB Calculator

  1. rafie says:

    What the diferrence between the investment & savings method that your are using? What method is more benefial invest or savings or borrow and invest Pls comment. According the people expert in Finacial Freedom, if we borrow money and invest in ASB. most the financial institution will use our divident to pay the interest.Correct? tqvm


  2. Khairul says:

    hi rafie…i call it investment because ASB is one of Unit Trust..for some people, they like to call it saving..but it doesn’t matter.

    calculator above is to calculate return from ASB if you put your cash into ASB…not for loan ASB.

    if you would like to know the diff between invest/saving with cash and loan ASB, check out this post =>


  3. muhammad aiman khoo says:

    Hi, good day,

    I`m doing some simple calculation when i retired.

    Please correct me if wrong.

    I`ve done my own calculation based on RM200k, i project the interest is only 7.5% ( – and + ) for 30 years.

    No withdrawal made during this whole period.

    Total balance for 30 years i projected is about RM 1,880,000.00.

    Thank you.

    Aiman Khoo.


  4. joe says:

    if 200k for 17 years will fetch you a million….

    just like me…


  5. Lex says:

    I am 21y/o and I’ve an idea how to invest wisely and income within 6 months… so anyone wanna know this young man idea, you can email me.
    *this masage is not associated with any ads fast money or etc…


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