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UNIFLEX: Overdraft Collateral with Public Mutual Funds (OD-UT)


Memandangkan OD-ASB dah dibekukan utk individu, mungkin OD-UT Public Mutual ni adalah option kepada OD-ASB.

UNIFLEX – Pledging of Units as Collateral

If you are a Public Mutual Unit Trust holder with cash investment (not applicable for investment from EPF account), you can pledge your funds as collateral to obtain Overdraft, Fixed Loan or a combination of both for your personal use.

For collateral with Overdraft, the details as below:

  • Maximum margin of financing (MOF) is 80% from current investment value (during submission)
  • Minimum OD amount is RM10,000 (after calculated the 80%)
    • e.g. Cash investment in PM fund = RM12,500
    • OD = RM10,000 (min OD amount)
  • Interest rate = BLR-1% (daily rest)
  • Switching to other PM fund is permitted
  • No monthly commitment fee
  • Required documents: IC, pay slip @ bank statement, UT fund statement.
  • Application to be submitted to Public Bank.

Ni saje yg dapat saya share hasil maklumat dari bahagian pinjaman di Public Bank…kalau ade further info, boleh share/update di sini.

    46 Responses to UNIFLEX: Overdraft Collateral with Public Mutual Funds (OD-UT)

    1. 2bz4money says:

      Menarik jugak Uniflex ni..tempat modal baru..aku tengah berkira2 nak pi buka a/k ni kat PB caw MontKiara Solaris.


    2. 2bz4money says:

      Ptg tadi berkesempatan gi Public Bank Kajang nak tanya pasal produk Uniflex ni. Oficer minta ic, statement UT dan 3 bulan payslip atau form B dan seterusnya fill up form application.

      Kadar standard katanya adalah BLR+1.75.:( Tapi i minta appeal rate BLR-1, dia ckp HQ will consider. 80% margin of financing utk 10 years.

      Kos2 lain ialah 200 processing fees,125 agreement, 10 WF dan 10 stamp duty. Total cost 345..:-?

      Manakala kalu buka Current a/c kena deposit 3k..#:-S

      Tapi aku proceed je dgn application form pasal sekiranya letter offer kuar, aku bole reject tanpa incur any costs.


    3. ntahler says:

      OD-UT Uniflex kwn dah approved. tgu drawdawn within this 2 weeks time. current accout dah bukak, next week collect buku cek.


    4. unz says:

      salam ntahler.berapa lama proses??? proses fee brape,fix rm345 je ke@ikut brape amount kita nak pinjam??dividen dr unit trust tu kita boleh ambik balik@reinvest semula?? alammak…banyaknye soklan….sory yek….. sy budak baru blaja……:)


    5. Taufik says:

      semua komen2 pn last thn 2010.. dah tak da info terbaru?


    6. nana says:


      Unit trust kite dgn public mutual akan di cagarkan (pledged).
      Selagi pledged, kite xleh withdraw. tambah pelaburan boleh. keluar xleh. melainkan kite dah settlekan loan account tue.

      settlement ada 2 cara, satu, dgn cash. 2, dgn intruct mereka utk jual saham kite yg di plegde. selepas accunt dah settle, jika ada baki, baru lebihan akan dipulangkan balik kpd kite. kalau xcukup, kite kene tambah cash lagi.

      setakat nie saye lom tutup akaun. so, xtau lah ade caj ke tidak.

      current account leh withdraw sejurus uniflex dah approve and loan dah boleh diultilized. no worries.

      process kurang 2 mggu.

      dividen wajib re-invest balik. xleh amik.

      rate saye blr-1%

      dah buat uniflex sejak 2011.


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