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Al Rajhi Weekend Banking Promotion on Personal & Home Financing-i

Al Rajhi is running Weekend Banking Promotion starting today, 3 March 2012 until 11 March 2012 on Personal Financing and Home Financing. For Personal Financing-i, every 20 approved customers will be eligible

Pay Less Interest with ‘Skim 1 Hutang’

Bank Muamalat has a new personal loan package called ‘Skim 1 Hutang’, where you can consolidate all your debts and pay it with one account. According to Bank Muamalat, applicant will have

Citibank Personal Loan

Citibank Personal Loan offering interest rate at ~8.5% per annum with installment periods up to 5 years. Enjoy a huge windfall of Citi Rewards points when you take a Citibank Personal Loan

Maybank Personal Loan

As sent via email from Maybank Group Customer Care. Maybank Personal Loan. Features Fixed monthly instalment Loan Amount: 4x gross salary Minimum loan amount RM5,000 Maximum loan amount RM100,000 Tenure: Minimum tenure 1

Cash Plus Financing-i by CIMB Islamic

Personal Loan from CIMB Islamic. For those working in private sector and self employed, this could be the lowest interest rate offered for Personal Loan at this moment. Installment period up to

Personal Loan or Loan ASB

Memandangkan OD tgh freeze untuk individu, ditambah pulak dengan pakej Personal Loan yg semakin rendah, ada yg bertanya, untuk invest di ASB, mana better….buat Personal Loan dan masukkan duit tersebut di ASB,

Personal Loan Repayment Period Up To 20 Years!

Pakej baru Aslah Personal Financing-i dari Bank Rakyat ditawarkan bermula 1 January 2010…max loan RM200k, max tenure 20 tahun To apply, please visit the nearest Bank Rakyat’s branch, or visit Note:

Pembiayaan Peribadi-i dengan BSN

Pembiayaan Peribadi-i dengan BSN…ini khas untuk kakitangan kerajaan dan badan berkanun…so kalau bukan, toksah berangan la….sama la mcm saya…telan air liur jelah…tapi sy kasi juga update sebab ramai gak pembaca BH ni

Personal Loan promotion by Bank Islam

Personal Loan package offered by Bank Islam for government servant & selected organization and for private sector/organization. For government servant and selected organization *1 – 3 yrs : 3.25% (Will Writing subscription