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Special Funding Scheme for Perumahan Rakyat (PPR-MTEN) Houses from March 1

Prime Minister has announced today at the 2012 Federal territories’ Day at Dataran Merdeka that a special funding scheme for the sale of houses under the Program Perumahan Rakyat Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi

Register Hajj with EPF Account 1

Effective 3 Jan 2012, public are no longer required to have minimum saving of RM1,300 with Tabung Haji to eligble them to register for hajj. With at least RM1,300 in EPF Account

EPF Extended List of Critical Illnesses to 55

EPF (KWSP) announced the list of critical illnesses eligible under its Health Withdrawal has been extended to 55 illnesses from 39, effective 15 July 2011. EPF also allow members to purchase critical

EPF-KWSP Dividend 2010 @ 5.80 per cent

EPF Dividend for the financial year ended 31 December 2010 has been announced by EPF at 5.80 per cent, 0.15 per cent increased compared to dividend in year 2009, which was 5.65

EPF Nominations @ Penamaan KWSP

EPF Nominations or Penamaan KWSP should be done at least once to ensure the saving are distributed to their nominating quickly and smoothly. EPF members who have at least RM3,000 in their

11% Profit in 9 months with Unit Trust

Post ni sebenarnya sy nak kongsi my experience investing in Unit Trust…sy start beli unit di UT Public Mutual pada bulan Februari yg lalu..pengalaman sy masa mula2 join PM ni ada sy

Detail on Flexible Housing Withdrawal (Pengeluaran Perumahan Fleksibel)

The detail on Flexible Housing Withdrawal (Pengeluaran Perumahan Fleksibel) is now available. Click image below to Download (from bebas-hutang’s server) Or you may go to EPF/KWSP website for more details: English: http://www.kwsp.gov.my/index.php

Optimize Your EPF Savings with ASNB

Another option to optimize your investment with your EPF/KWSP…in case you tak minat to invest in Public Mutual or other Unit Trust, then this might me your option. Investing consistently and regularly

Invest in Public Mutual

2 minggu lepas sy ade cite2 sket psl Public Mutual di shoutbox…ni kira memecah tradisi BH ni…sbb sejak sblum ni lagi sy kurang yakin dgn PM…antara sebab2nya, 1. Penjelasan dari agen2 PM

Skim Simpanan Persaraan 1Malaysia dari KWSP

Simpanan Peroleh Dividen Tahunan Serta 5% Sumbangan Kerajaan Mulai 3 Januari 2010, kebimbangan golongan yang bekerja sendiri seperti petani, nelayan, pemandu teksi, penjaja dan pemilik perniagaan terhadap ketidakcukupan simpanan semasa bersara bakal

Which one should I select…8% of 11%

Its about 2 weeks left until you could decide whether you should stay on 11%, or to reduce your contribution for EPF/KWSP to 8%. A lots of people are talking about this.

Option to reduce EPF’s contribution by 3%

AmInvestment Bank economist Manokaran Mottain said the three per cent cut in Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contribution for employees was the right step towards boosting household consumption. So this actually will raise