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Public Bank Balance Transfer: 1.5% Upfront for 12 Months Plan

Apply for a Public Bank Credit Card today and enjoy, RM60 Guaranteed CASH BACK for new Principal Cardholder. No processing fee NO other banks’ statements MORE savings & MORE flexibility Plan A

Rempit with Balance Transfer : Part 1

Note: This is just an illustration how we can Rempit with Balance Transfer (BT)…however the content of this illustration mostly is based on fact…not just cite dongeng…but few other Rempit technic with

RM50 Cash Rebate for Newly Approved EON Bank Group Credit Card

Apply for an EON Bank Group Credit Card today! Receive RM50 Cash Rebate when you charge any amount (minimum 3 transactions) to your newly approved Card within 2 months from your Card

Exclusive HSBC Credit Card Online Promotion

Apply online for an HSBC Gold and/or Platinum Credit Card between 1 March 2010 to 31 August 2010. Upon receipt and activation of your Credit Card, swipe the Credit Card a minimum

HSBC Balance Transfer, 3% Upfront, 0% for 12 months

HSBC Balance Transfer Enjoy more savings with only 3% upfront interest, and 0% interest for the next 12 months. For more detailed, please visit: Make sure you read the T&C.

Settle Credit Card with Credit Card

This post is about how to settle CC with CC, terutama kepada yg dh tak boleh nak apply PL utk settle CC sebab komitment CC dh terlalu tinggi…kalau tgk post sy seblum

Credit Card’s Service Tax Information

Information below is based on bank’s and credit card issuer’s website and news as of 16 February 2010.

RM50 Service Tax for Credit Card

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 Dec: Applicants issued with new credit and charge cards next year will have to pay the RM50 service tax upfront. For existing card holders, the charge will be imposed

What is Easy/EZ Payment Plan (EPP)?

dalam post yang bertajuk “How to settle credit card debt” sblum ni, sy ade share antara 5 cara bagaimana anda boleh settlekan hutang CC…dan salah satu nya adalah dgn Easy Payment Plan

How much I could save

Pada yg dh pergi kelas, mesti pernah dgr cikgu2 OD pesan “kalau ade hutang kad kredit, dpt aje duit OD, wat full settlement”…sebabnya int CC ni lebih tinggi dari int OD…int CC

Credit Card Interest Rates will be reduced

Business Times Online, February 13, 2009 INTEREST rates for credit cards will be reduced by between 0.5 per cent and 1.5 per cent for Tier-1, Tier-11 and Tier-111 credit cardholders while late

Financial Planning with ASB, OD and Credit Card – Part 4

This is continue from Part 3. If you haven’t go through Part 2 & 3, I advise you to read it first before you try to understand this part. In Part 4,

Financial Planning with ASB, OD and Credit Card – Part 3

Here we go…Part 3 of Financial Planning with ASB, OD and Credit Card. In Part 2, I had explained how ASB and OD would help you to save some money instead of

Polls is Closed : Which of facility below makes you headache?

This polls is closed now after 2 months and its showing interesting result as expected. Ya…Credit Card makes us headache. This happened to me too. So why this happened? One of the