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Bank Negara limit the maximum tenure of Personal Loans and Home Financing

Bank Negara has tighten the maximum tenure of personal loans to 10 years and home financing to 35 years with immediate effect, as a measure to reduce the household indebtedness that keep

Bank Negara Malaysia MobileLINK visit Pahang

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) MobileLINK will visit Jengka and Jerantut, Pahang on this Saturday and Sunday, 11 and 12 February 2012. Services that will be offering by the mobile coach are advisory

New Malaysia Coins – Third Series

Bank Negara Malaysia will issue the new series of Malaysian coins into circulation starting 16 January 2012. Inspired from distinctive features that define the nation’s rich culture and heritage, the new coins

New Credit Card Guidelines

New measures or guidelines on Credit Card announced by Bank Negara Malaysia – increase minimum income requirement, limit number of cards and cap the credit limit Bank Negara Malaysia has announced today

Gold Price Comparison Links

This is a list of links to several website for a latest Gold Price product in Malaysia. To all gold investor, I would suggest you to bookmark this post for your future

BLR Rate : Effective from May 2010

This is the new BLR rate effective from May 2010 following to the increment of OPR by 25 points as announced by Bank Negara Malaysia on 14 May 2010. Most of the

Overnight policy rate up by 25 point – 2nd times in 2010

Tunggu jelah BLR plak naik…tgk statement yg di-bold kan tu ————————————————————– Business Times Online, May 14, 2010 Bank Negara Malaysia yesterday raised the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by another 25 basis points

Bank Negara says may hike rates further

Business Times Online, March 15, 2010 Malaysia’s central bank said it may increase interest rates further to avert asset bubbles and discourage risky investments by people seeking better returns, even as inflation

Tempoh Hutang Tidak Berbayar (NPL) diselaras kepada 3 Bulan

SILA AMBIL BERAT NEWS INI!…dan sama2 ingatkan kepada sahabat2, saudara-mara…sblum ni pun byk bank praktikkan 3 bln utk NPL (non-performing loan)…tapi start tahun ni, sumer diselaraskan kepada 3 bulan. Ape jadi kalau

New cheque clearing system from July 1

Berita baik kepada pengguna2 cek yg aktif ——————————— Business Times Online, June 30, 2009 THE cheque clearing system will be driven by the transmission of cheque images and data between banks and

OPR unchanged at 2 per cent

Business Times Online, May 26, 2009 MALAYSIA’S central bank kept its key rate unchanged at 2 per cent today in line with expectations, saying that earlier rate cuts and credit measures were

More people are coming to AKPK

Business Times Online, May 25 2009 MORE people have approached the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) in the first quarter this year, but this is not solely attributed to the

OPR remain the same – April 2009

Business Times Online, April 29, 2009 MALAYSIA’S central bank kept its key rate unchanged at 2 per cent today, against expectations of a Reuters poll taken last week, saying existing cuts had

OPR is expected to be maintained at 2pc

Business Times Online, March 23, 2009 THE overnight policy rate (OPR) is expected to be maintained at two per cent for the first half of the year while inflation is expected to