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POWER! now available on Sunday

POWER! introduced by AKPK in February 2011 with objectives to help participants better manage their money and debts through 6 practical chapters. It is open to all Malaysians aged 18 and above


AKPK has introduced a practical education programme called POWER! with objectives to help participants better manage their money and debts through 6 practical chapters. The 6 practical chapters are: Cash Flow Management Borrowing

Financial Capability Programme (FCP) from 2011 by AKPK

BANK Negara Malaysia (BNM) has introduced a special programme aimed at helping Malaysians, especially young adults to practise better financial and debt management. Its Financial Capability Programme (FCP) will be offered from

Money Sense Book – Published by AKPK

Money $ense – a book about getting smart with your moneyis indeed a common sense guide on money matters. Click the image above to download, or go to

More people are coming to AKPK

Business Times Online, May 25 2009 MORE people have approached the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) in the first quarter this year, but this is not solely attributed to the

Adakah AKPK membantu?

Mungkin ramai yang ingin tahu, bagaimana AKPK boleh membantu?…adakah benar2 membantu?…ape kesan sampingan? Disebabkan saya tidak ada pengalaman dengan AKPK, jadi tak berani nak komen lebih. Kat bawah ni saya petik beberapa