Tabung Haji Bonus 2011 @ 6.0 percent


Tabung Haji has announced a 6 percent bonus for year 2011 today, with total payout of RM1.67 billion to be paid on next Wednesday.

This shows an increment of 0.5% compare to the bonus paid last year. The total payout has also increased 25 percent from previous year of RM1.33 billion. Considering that Tabung Haji is syariah-compliance investment, the 6 percent rate is really competitive. Depositors are not required to pay for zakat as Tabung Haji will pay zakat for business (zakat perniagaan) on behalf of depositors.

For record, TH bonus statistic as follows:
2011: 6.0%
2010: 5.5%
2009: 5.0%
2008: 5.0%

This is good and I foresee many investors will move from conventional investment to Tabung Haji soon with this great bonus news.

5 Responses to Tabung Haji Bonus 2011 @ 6.0 percent

  1. callmeizzat says:

    good for all!.


  2. razibar says:

    Thanks for the good news.
    By the way, i’m confused here and need clarification. Is this considered dividen or bonus cause if bonus, the calculation goes back to 10 years of savings.


  3. Mat Kedah says:

    A god news to all of us.


  4. Hafiz Bhari says:

    Might be dividen since as far as i remember, 2010 dividen was 5.5%.


  5. Kargoh says:

    Alhamdullilah…. Allah blessed us with the rezki. Even though, the dividend has been ‘cleaned’ with zakat, still we can enjoy the profit. <3


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