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Sample(contoh) Tenancy Agreement


Sample/contoh of Tenancy Agreement in Bahasa Malaysia free for download and for personal use.

I’m just completing a tenancy agreement for a new tenant and thought to share the format of tenancy agreement that I’ve been using for the past few years in BH..it is in Malay and is not so complicated, but for me it is good enough to act as a legal contract between tenant and landlord, and to ensure there is understanding between the tenant and landlord.

Other than to act as security for both parties, its also can be used as evidence of your portfolio income …yes, I did use the tenancy agreement as a supporting document to prove my portfolio income to bank…some bank required a stamping agreement, some are not…but the best is to get it stamping so that the agreement is valid in case anything happen.

for the tenant, they might need the tenancy agreement when they apply for Unifi…because it happened to my tenant…TM requested for the tenancy agreement before they can process the application.

Feel free to download for your personal use…it might be not suitable for all type of property, so feel free to add and update…and if you can share here would be better.

If anyone in BH willing BH to share other sample or format of tenancy agreement, please send it to khairul[at]bebas-hutang.com

Download Sample of Tenancy Agreement

22 Responses to Sample(contoh) Tenancy Agreement

  1. Alex says:

    Sy ingin nak tanya. Sy pernah nampak setengah2 tenancy chop dgn RM10 bayaran. Yg lain memang chop dgn bayaran ikut formula sebenar. Sy ingin nak tahu yg chop dgn RM10 tu valid ke?


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