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Public Bank Credit Card 15% Cash Back Promotion

Public Bank is offering Cash Back up to 15% when you spending with PB Credit Card.
*15% Cash Back – minimum spending of RM50 in a single receipt on weekdays (from Monday to Friday)
*10% Cash Back – minimum spending of RM50 in a single receipt on weekends (from Saturday to Sunday)
*Promotion is valid from 1 October 2010 to 28 February 2011
*The maximum Cash Back payout is capped at RM100 per month with total allocation of RM300,000 per month

To participate, SMS to 32968 with 16-digit PB Credit Card number in the following manner:
*Key in “PBCB<space>16-digit Credit Card number” and send to 32968 (e.g. PBCB 4553123412341234)

For more detailed, please visit:

10 Responses to Public Bank Credit Card 15% Cash Back Promotion

  1. zack says:

    bro …leh bagi suggestion which credit card is considered as the best

    including which area we have to closely focus

    bkan ape…nak apply credit card
    tp xtau caranya


  2. tmm says:

    Slm bro,can u suggest which want cc is suited for me..nk apply,
    not sure how ??


  3. lau ka weng says:

    i would like to apply public bank c`card ..any dealer online now ??


  4. MAT KEDAH says:

    Hi Sifus,
    I have a Public Bank CC. Can I change the current balance into/like ZERO INTEREST INSTALLMENT


  5. steve says:

    I’m singaporean who has a public bank saving account in Malaysia (Johor). I have annual income of RM30000, can I apply credit card?


  6. low mun choon says:



  7. dunk ishak says:

    can i used my last epf statement to apply? now my i worked not giving the epf contribution. We need to do by ourself!


  8. zaidi mohamad says:

    mcm ne nak apply crdt card ye…account aku public bank duit kuar masuk pun public bank…ada cara mudah x nak apply… zaidi 0142366047


  9. Thanks for a further excellent post. The area more might just anybody have that form of info in their normal best method of publishing? I get a powerpoint presentation subsequent 1 week, and i’m with the find such information.


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