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Personal Loan promotion by Bank Islam


Personal Loan package offered by Bank Islam for government servant & selected organization and for private sector/organization.

For government servant and selected organization
*1 – 3 yrs : 3.25% (Will Writing subscription with Bank Islam)
*1 – 3 yrs : 3.50% (Without Bank Islam Will Writing subscription)
*4 – 10 yrs : 4.99%
*11 – 15 yrs : 5.50%
*Up to RM200k
*Max 15 yrs
*No guarantor required
*Minimum fixed income of RM1,500 per month

For private organization
*1 – 3 yrs : 6.0%
*4 – 8 yrs : 6.8%
*9 – 10 yrs : 7.0%
*Up to RM150k
*Max 10 yrs
*Below 30k, no guarantor required

*As at October 2010

promosi pembiayaan/pinjaman peribadi dari Bank Islam

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  1. Hock Shiau Pim says:

    How to apply ? Can download the apply form from website ? Tks


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