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Flexi Home Loan: HSBC HomeSmart and Amanah HomeSmart-i


Flexi Home Loan ReviewAs mentioned in previous post, Applying Home Loan – Tenure does not matter, I will share what are the flexi home loan package available in the market.


HomeSmart is a conventional loan by HSBC that offers flexilibity in depositing and withdraw excess payments. You could also depositing your entire monthly salary into the loan account and make withdrawal similar to your saving account whenever you need the money. With the daily interest calculation, you can save on the interest and pay off your home loan much earlier.

Feature to highlight is the ‘HomeSmart with Step-up’. HomeSmart with Step-up is only available for salaried individuals aged 40 and below that applied for a new purchase of property. The monthly instalments starts with 20% lower than usual for the first year and gradually increase to match your projected income.

There is monthly service fee or RM10 for this home loan account. If you could consistently depositing your salary and extra payment to the loan account, the fee does not an issue.

HSBC HomeSmart for Home Loan


HomeSmart-i is a home loan product under HSBC Amanah that offers flexibility to make prepayment and withdrawal on excess payments anytime without notice or charges. This is the same as conventional HomeSmart. As an Islamic product, the home loan is based on the principle of Dimishing Musharakah. As explained in HSBC Amanah website, Diminishing Musharakah means, “The Customer and the Bank will be in a partnership to purchase a property. The Bank’s share of the property will diminish over time during the tenure, while the Customer’s share of the property will increase at the same time as a result from the monthly payments to the bank. Ultimately, the Bank will transfer the full ownership of the property to the Customer at the end of the facility or upon early settlement by the Customer, whichever is earlier.”

Similar to saving account, HomeSmart-i also featuring banking convenience via ATM and internet banking. Additionally you also can request for cheque book, which does not have in saving account. Other key features are financing period up to 35 years or until age 65, whichever is earlier, and lock in period of 5 years.

HSBC HomeSmart-i Home Loan

For more details on HSBC HomeSmart and HSBC Amanah HomeSmart-i, visit www.hsbc.com.my and www.hsbcamanah.com.my


3 Responses to Flexi Home Loan: HSBC HomeSmart and Amanah HomeSmart-i

  1. remy says:

    the MOF only 80%.

    loan 150 K , BLR-1.65


  2. MF says:

    for Home Smart -i Islamic Financing, the concept is Musharakah Mutanaqisah(equity-based, partnership). there are a few banks offering the financing with the same concept, namely, Maybank ISlamic, RHB, Kuwait Financial House,OCBC Al-Amin and Citibank Islamic.

    for HSBC, there is no fee to withdraw the money from financing account, however there is a fix charge of RM25 per withdrawal for Maybank Islamic. for another 3 banks, i dont have any info.

    MM concept is widely used in Middle East, while BBA is quite popular in SOuthern countries including Malaysia. BBA is based on debt financing(most banks in Malaysia still using this concept).

    you can read about MM here(concept, comparison with BBA, issues with MM,etc) :




  3. MiL says:


    The HSBC Amanah offer quite good. If apply for personal loan, the rate is flat rate, similar as Bank Rakyat (include aqad).

    If apply for current account, you also may try to apply Token (security) for internet banking purpose.. I think in term of security, this is the best choice among Maybank (TAC by mobile phone) and Bank Islam (TAC by simcard).

    Just my 2 cents..



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