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EPF Nominations @ Penamaan KWSP


EPF Nominations or Penamaan KWSP should be done at least once to ensure the saving are distributed to their nominating quickly and smoothly.

EPF members who have at least RM3,000 in their EPF savings, but have not nominated, should do so at once. This will ensure that the savings are remitted to their dependants and nominating quickly and without them having to endure the hassle of lengthy procedures.

The absence of nomination will result in a deceased member’s next-of-kin having to go through a very lengthy and time-consuming process to claim the member’s savings. This involves producing a Letter of Administration, Letter of Probate or Distribution Order from the relevant authorities to substantiate their claim and fees may be imposed by the issuing authorities. This process however is necessary to prevent fraudulent claims and to ensure that the retirement savings go to the rightful party.

In the case of non-Muslims, a member’s savings will be distributed directly to the nominee, while for Muslims members, the nominee will act as an administrator (wasi) who will then be responsible for distributing the savings in accordance with the Faraid Law. Nomination also supersedes a written will.

Bagi ahli yang bukan beragama Islam, simpanan tersebut akan diagihkan terus kepada penama manakala ahli yang beragama Islam, penama akan bertindak sebagai pentadbir (wasi) yang bertanggungjawab mengagihkan simpanan tersebut mengikut Hukum Faraid. Penamaan juga mengatasi wasiat bertulis.

To make a nomination, members only need to fill up the KWSP 4 Form and submit the completed form to the nearest EPF branch immediately. The procedure only takes a few minutes. The form can be obtained at any EPF branches or downloaded from KWSP website. A completed nomination form will take effect the date the nomination form is received by any EPF office.

Untuk membuat penamaan, ahli hanya perlu mengisi Borang KWSP 4 dan menyerahkan segera borang yang lengkap diisi kepada cawangan KWSP berdekatan. Prosedur ini hanya mengambil masa beberapa minit. Borang tersebut boleh diperoleh dari Cawangan KWSP terdekat atau memuat turun dari laman web KWSP. Penamaan akan berkuatkuasa dari tarikh borang penamaan yang lengkap diterima oleh mana-mana pejabat KWSP.

All members to make their nominations or update their nominations accordingly to avoid any complications, disputes and anguish, the EPF encourages . Ideally, a member’s nomination should be reviewed or revisited from time to time especially if members experience any major changes in life involving marriage, divorce or the birth of a new child,” Nik Affendi said.

For more information, EPF members may refer to KWSP website, call EPF Call Centre at 03 – 89226000, or visit the nearest EPF branch.

3 Responses to EPF Nominations @ Penamaan KWSP

  1. dini says:

    pasti penama epf anda mengetahui serba sedikit tanggungjwb sbgai Wasi(pentdbir harta)..sekira sudah melantik Wasi(bertulis) sprti Amanahraya,Public trustee etc (corporat executor) n lawyer@isteri@penghulu kampung etc(personel executor)dan mempunyai dokumen wasiat sebaiknye letak lah Wasi lah penama epf anda..


  2. Wan says:

    aku dah buat dah nomination ni. EPF mai office. buat reramai. japje & senang je


  3. NG Debbie says:

    If I want to nominate my kwsp fund equally to my 3 children age 12, 5 and 2 , what document should I summit with the borang 4?


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