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Cash Back & Rebate offered by Classic, Gold and Co-Brand Credit Card


Below is a list of credit card (Classic, Gold and Co-Brand) that offering cash back or rebate as of today, together with the information of annual fee waiver. All of these informations were extracted from official website of the respective banks that offering the credit card, as of 21 September 2010.

The list below is just as basic reference and you should refer to the T&C of each product, or contact directly to the bank for more information.

Credit Card NameCash Back / RebateAnnual Fee Waiver
Alliance Bank Classic & GoldUp to 1.3% cash back* on anything, anywhere, anytime.Automatic annual fee waiver i.e. spend a minimum of RM5,000 or swipe 12 times within a 12-month period.
Bank Islam Card-i Classic & Gold0.3% cash rebate per retail purchaseAnnual fee waiver for the whole contract, subject to a minimum of 12 transactions per annum
CIMB Petronas Mastercard Classic & Gold*2% rebate* everytime you spend at PETRONAS Service stations and Mesra Outlets or get a 0.5% rebate on all other retail transactions

*Rebate is subject to a maximum spending of RM 2500 at PETRONAS service stations or rebate of RM 50 per card per month
*Gold - Free for life
*Classic - Free for life
Giant-Citibank Credit Card*2% rebate for spending on Giant Products and Services
*0.5-1% rebate for spending on non-Giant Products and Services
Shell-Citibank Credit CardGold Card
*Up to 5% for spending on Shell Fuel
*Up to 1.5% for spending on Shell Products and Services and Non-Shell Products and Services

Classic Card
*Up to 3% for spending on Shell Fuel
*Up to 1% for spending on Shell Products and Services and Non-Shell Products and Services
First year fee waiver
EON Bank Credit Card Classic & GoldRenewal Bonus of 1% cash rebate of total amount spent over the preceding 12 months up to a maximum of RM50N/A
OCBC Titanium Master Card*5% Cash rebate on Petrol, Groceries, Utility Bills and Dining
*1% Cash rebate on any merchant categories that are not listed under the above 5% Cash rebate Petrol, Groceries, Utility Bills and Dining
Waive for first year. Waive for the subsequent years subject to 12 swipes a year.
RHB Travel Money*5% Cash Back* for all petrol purchases made on 1st weekend** and a 2% Cash Back* on other days. Applicable at any petrol station

*Cash Back is only based on 20% of total monthly retail spend which includes retail purchases, petrol purchases, dining and travel expenditure. Customers are entitled to a maximum Cash Back of RM60 per month. Other terms and conditions apply.
** Weekend is defined as Saturday and Sunday.
Tesco-RHB Credit Card*2% Cash Back for transactions spend at Tesco storesFirst year fee waiver

18 Responses to Cash Back & Rebate offered by Classic, Gold and Co-Brand Credit Card

  1. zam says:

    dalam mood untuk cancel 2 lagi kad insyaAllah… thanks for the info


  2. zephyr says:

    Kenapa takde data tentang kad DirectAccess Mastercard? Walaupun bawah CIMB tapi DirectAccess Mastercard ada rebate untuk semua syarikat petrol sebanyak 2% yang tak ditawarkan oleh kad CIMB lain. Rebate berbelanja hujung minngu di kedai-kedia tertentu jugak ada, sama macam kad CIMB Mastercard yang lain.


  3. Khairul says:

    tq zephyr for highlight…akan dimasukkan dlm list…kalau ade lagi yg terlepas, inform ya


  4. eimane says:

    nape maybank tak de buat cash back ye…huhu


  5. matrul says:

    zephyr: mcmane leh dpt info pasal directaccess card ni ade rebate utk berbelanja setiap hujung mnggu tu?


  6. zamir says:

    saya ada apply TESCO RHB dua bulan lepas kat Tesco Puchong. selain cash back 2% tu, dia offer waive 1st year fees & tax. terus sign-up.

    1st statement keluar tax charge tu, RM50 + RM25 (supp). call callcenter, criter lebih kurang, dia check. esoknye,dia return call kata semua tu waive.

    2nd statment paling best. tax waiver kluar (RM50 + RM25), pastu ada 1st time usage cash rewards (RM50+RM50). seronok tul. budak yg offer tu, tak pernah mention pun pasal cash rewards ni.

    pasni nak buat autodebit plak..another RM50 cash rewards. huhu..


  7. zam4ever says:

    Bro, untuk CIMB Petronas Mastercard Classic & Gold, bukan annual fee dia free for life? If tak salah saya.



  8. zam4ever says:

    Yang berikut hanya apply kepada supplementary card

    *Gold – First Year Waiver, Subsequent Year RM70
    *Classic – First Year Waiver, Subsequent Year RM35

    From CIMB website:

    Annual Fee
    Platinum – FREE FOR LIFE
    Gold – FREE FOR LIFE
    Classic – FREE FOR LIFE

    Platinum – FREE FOR LIFE
    Gold – First Year Waiver, Subsequent Year RM70
    Classic – First Year Waiver, Subsequent Year RM35


  9. General Juhziz says:

    tp kan bro zephyr yg direct access punye rebate smpi akhir thn ni je


  10. zamir says:

    survey around..the best cash back CC so far, i guess la..
    5% on petrol, groceries, utilities bill.

    terus isi borang & fax semalam juga. hahaha..


  11. matrul says:

    betol kate general juhziz..


  12. Khairul says:

    TQ zam4ever…sy terambil yg dh update yg betul di table diatas


  13. Khairul says:

    efficient sungguh Citibank,
    22hb Sept fax application, 4hb Oct kad smpi ke rumah…lepas ni layan Cash Back :)


  14. PORA says:



  15. Ayda says:

    Cimb Petronas Mastercard is the best.. i enjoy the benefits and xpnah membebankan… key rules for credit card = pandai gune pandailah bayar..thats all :)


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