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Bank Rakyat dividend 2012 – Highest in the last 5 years


Bank Rakyat has declared their dividends with total of 18% for the financial year ended Dec 2012. 16% to be paid as dividend and 2% is the bonus. The 16% dividend to be cash out is the highest dividend declared for the past 5 years. The previous highest was 20% for the year 2007. After that, Bank Rakyat’s dividend maintain at 15% until 2011.

According to Bank Rakyat, income from financing and deposit contribute to the increment of dividend for year 2012.

Dividend history

  • Year 2007 – 20%
  • Year 2008 – 15%
  • Year 2009 – 15%
  • Year 2010 – 15%
  • Year 2011 – 15%
  • Year 2012 – 16%

3 Responses to Bank Rakyat dividend 2012 – Highest in the last 5 years

  1. murugan annamalay says:

    cara nak bebas hutang


  2. Imran Kamarudin says:

    Nice, higher than PNB funds. What fund is it? Is it open to public?


  3. sitihajar saari says:

    Sangat sangat baik layanan


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