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Bank Rakyat Confident 15% Dividend for 2011


BANK RAKYAT is confident of maintaining its dividend at a rate of 15 percent for the year 2011 based on outstanding financial performance recorded in the first half of this year.

During the first half ended June 30, the cooperative banks RM788.6 million net profit, up 23.2 percent compared to RM640.3 million in the corresponding period last year.

It was reported that, based on the excellent performance recorded so far, Bank Rakyat has no problem to give a dividend of 15 per cent for this year.

p/s: tahniah kepada pemegang2 saham Bank Rakyat!

15 Responses to Bank Rakyat Confident 15% Dividend for 2011

  1. 2bz4money says:

    Mmg berbaloi2, yg belum ada..apply RM500 dan mohon tambahan utk cukupkan RM100k..istiqomah bro..


  2. Hyuuga says:

    syukur bekerja di bank rakyat


  3. 2bz4money says:

    syukur bekerja di bank rakyat

    brapa bonus djangka dpt, bro?


  4. alam says:

    apa nama pelaburan tu iye, boleh bagi tau tak??
    adakah yg nie..


  5. jas says:

    alam..dividen ni utk pemegang saham b.rakyat..


  6. koyokman says:

    dividen bank rakyat ni naik tak kalau kite topup tiap2 bulan?


  7. mama zafirah says:

    bila Bank rakyat bukak lagi eh utk invest?
    mmg untung la RM500 dividen RM75, berbaloi.
    Tapi tu la, ader quota dia.
    boleh bagi tau saya tak biler dia bukak lagi.


  8. doris says:

    1.buku akaun saya dah tak aktif semenjak 3 thn.boleh tak sekiranya saya nak aktifkan semula buku akaun tersebut.apa syaratnya?
    2.saya berminat utk melabur dlm pelaburan am-i-qiradh,bilakah saham tersebut ada ditawarkan lagi


  9. ewanrani says:

    saya ade saham bank rakyat rm500 macamane nak tambah lagi ek saham bank rakyat tu…tolong saya….sgt2 memerlukan info???


  10. roze says:

    baru jek dapat peluang tambah. first time. bila lagi boleh dapat…


  11. anja says:

    Saya nak tahu,bila kita boleh dapat deveden saham bank rakyat.


  12. berapake dan bila bonus kakitangan bank rakyat di bayar? Siapa tahu sila maklum, tq


  13. fauziah abdul aziz says:

    salam 1 malaysia berapa dan bila boleh dapat dividen saham bank rakyat????


  14. tg zuerrdawaty tg mohamed says:

    bila dividen untuk 2011 bank rakyat nak bayar???untuk tahun 2010 pembayaran di buat awal bulan 3.tapi tahun ni knp belum dibayar lagi???


  15. hasman wahab says:

    dah boking untuk beli 50000 tapi bila bolih dapat


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