Bank Negara limit the maximum tenure of Personal Loans and Home Financing

Bank Negara has tighten the maximum tenure of personal loans to 10 years and home financing to 35 years with immediate effect, as a measure to reduce the household indebtedness that keep rising.
Another measure is to prohibit on the offering of pre-approved personal financing products. The implementation of these measures are due to the increase of household debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio by 13 per cent to 83 per cent compare to 70 per cent in 2009. This is the highest level for developing countries in Asia.
For record, household debt to GDP in other developing Asian countries as follows:
  • Thailand – 30%
  • Indonesia – 15.8%
  • Hong Kong – 58%
  • Taiwan – 82%
  • Japan – 75%
  • Singapore – 67%

2 Responses to Bank Negara limit the maximum tenure of Personal Loans and Home Financing

  1. BNM

    Dari roboh BoC PJ-Melaka diatas pinjaman saya yang gagal dimana prosidur bayar-balik adlah luar bidang maka SASAMB berhak danum wang istihar dan bukan utung syarikat maka SASAMB berhutang saya 20 ribu kwsp down-payment business science dari wang istihir jaya retrade kembali asset rumah itu benefical roboh BoC.

    Sila SASAMB bayar saya kembali dari wang istihar danum simpanan bagi kestabilan nya dan jumlah pegangan lhdn penjamin pinjaman broker pekerja luar pantai ketika itu.

    # Keputusan Laporan Polis di ketengahkan #

    Sekian, Terima Kasih.

    Noor Adzman Baharudin
    Mustaffa Landt M89 BoC.PJ-Melaka.


  2. Kong Sok fun says:

    Can my blr rates incrested til 9.1%
    last year i was thought of selling the hse so i fail
    to pay almost a year but i had already managed to make the full payment 30k on 2013,Jannuary
    as again my financial was again in a problem to make on the month! I was late to make each payment
    nowdays by,in 3months, i pay 2months ..
    yet the interest n statement which i request n changed , never ever send to me yet i just email also to complaint about the yearly statememt request also never even bother to send to me for updating
    the replies ask me write inn or walk in the bank! As again, i just Said , i waited 2months as my latest statement was 2010 only


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