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Auto Financing-i by Al Rajhi Bank


Al Rajhi Bank is offering Auto Financing-i with profit rates as low as 2.37% with repayment periods up to 9 years.

Features under Al Rajhi Auto Financing-i as follows;

  • Financing up to 90%
  • Repayment periods up to 9 years
  • No penalties for late payment or early settlement
  • Fast approval

Repayment Table

Al Rajhi Auto and hire purchase financing-i

9 Responses to Auto Financing-i by Al Rajhi Bank

  1. Mahani says:

    As salam bole ke akk try nk settle cc la dlm 20000 nk ambik dlm 3 tahun aje tapi akk dari com swasta accountant firm .. kalau bole tolong call after office hour 0126503597 atau email aje akk .

    Terima Kasih.


  2. romi hidayah says:

    sy nk buat overlap utk loan n kad kredit. total dlm rm30000 – 40000. bekerja swasta. gross payslip -rm4100. elaun tak termasuk payslip dlm rm800.
    jadi jumlah bersih sebulan selepas potong epf dll rm4300.00.
    boleh buat ker loan? nak restructure la jugak krenye spy komitmen bulan2 rendah dari skrang


  3. zalie says:

    rate ni untuk semua kereta ke…termasuk nasional car.??


  4. Sanusi says:

    Ada tak pinjaman untuk beli motor 500 cc keatas. Cth ER6 (30000K ++)
    Brp rate dan brp tahun , kalau boleh bagi detail … Tq


  5. eppy says:

    kalau nak apply loan untuk 2nd hand car boleh ke? interest still same or lain2?
    mohon pencerahan segera…. terima kasih..


  6. safar says:

    salam, boleh tak klu saya pinjam rm30k, setelkan baki tertunggak kereta saya sbnyak rm21k dan lebihan dari pinjaman tersebut msuk kedalam akaun saya…jadikan ia sbgai duit cash?


  7. anwar says:

    salam ada tak pinjaman motorsikal untuk ktm duke 200cc harga 20k…


  8. Azli says:


    I would like to ask if I wanna buy Vulcan 25o price around 26k. How much is the loan? What is the rate? and how much monthly need to Pay?

    Thanks in advance.


  9. rashid says:

    Loan motosikal 500cc ke bawah ada tak?
    Rate interest brp?
    Tenure maksimum?


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