Applying loan with bad record in CCRIS


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) about CCRIS.

Q : My name is in CCRIS. What it’s mean?
A : Actually everyone who has loan with bank has their name in CCRIS. Regardless your payment record is good or not. So what bank will check in CCRIS is your payment history. Any overdue payment on your record.

Example of Good record:


Example of Bad record:


Based on my experience applying loan from 5 banks, bank definitely will check our CCRIS’s status together with our payslip, EA form, etc. It’s one of procedure in their system. One of bank officer did show me that he couldn’t click on submit button because his system locked it because of my bad record in CCRIS. It appears that I have overdue payment with other bank.

Q : With my bad record in CCRIS, how can I apply for loan?
A : Clear your overdue payment, make sure to pay your regular payment after that, and apply again for loan 3 months later.

Q : Why I only can apply again 3 months later?
A : Bank want to make sure that you’re really committed. If you apply loan again right after you clear your overdue payment, bank will considered that you did that just to get another loan.

Q : I can’t wait for another 3 months. How should I do?
A : If you have some cash that could cover all you outstanding loan, make full settlement. Within 40 days after you did full settlement, the loan record will be deleted from CCRIS. Or you can apply again using full settlement letter from bank.

Q : Bank that I’m applying loan can’t check which bank that I have overdue payment. So how to check my CCRIS?
A : Call every bank of your loan and check with them whether you have overdue payment. Or go to Bank Negara to get a full report. Check previous post for details…About CCRIS (Apa itu CCRIS)

Q : Any other way than above?
A : This really rare but some officer can submit your loan with your degree or other certificate. This happened to me because I can’t wait for 3 months after clear all my overdue payment. Don’t know how the officer did it, but don’t put your hope so much.

bagaimana apply loan dengan rekod dalam CCRIS

99 Responses to Applying loan with bad record in CCRIS

  1. daniel11 says:

    thanks kk for your advice. good solution from u. tq


  2. daniel11 says:

    thanks kkyap for your advice. it really help me. tq.


  3. kkyap says:

    Daniel 11.. glad to heard tat u already get your car…


  4. Polarlady says:

    I got one join name property with my Ex-husband in KL..but he didnt pay housing loan for many years & now my name is in CTOS..What is CTOS? What should i do? I cant make full settlement..can i request bank to let me continue the instalment & remove all the late payment & legal charges? Please advice..Thanks a lot..


  5. Letha says:

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  6. anand says:

    need personal loan 0126427472


  7. Sivanathan says:

    Hi,my name is under CCRIS.I need a personal loan to solve all my problems but most of the banks have rejected my application due to ccris.Pls help me out on this.My contact no 0165019619


  8. Roxanne R S says:

    My name my listed in CCRIS..I made lump sum settlement..Until today I can never loan from any of the bank..Now their reason is my record is so clean..I did not have any commitment with any banks..Isnt that stupid?? how can I have other commitment if my name was listed in CCRIS..and how about a 1st timer in making loan, they wouldn’t have credit record as well, right??my advise for those listed in CCRIS,forget it..DONT PAY..u will be blacklisted FOREVER,i mean FOREVER!


  9. badrul hisham says:

    hi saya pernah loan aeon kredit utk pinjaman motor tahun 2008,so selepas tu motor sy ilang so payment da tak bayar smpai skng,ade la byr ckit tahun lepas tp da setahun tak byr smpai nama pun da criss dari rm2300 tp skng dgn interest xtwu laa jd cmne, klau nk byr pn kt aeon dorng nk duet amaun yg tinggi, ade cara penyelesaian tak, kalau boley saya nk wt loan tutup utang lame n then byar
    utang baru.. sbb susah nk keje bank pn susah nk loan kete pn susah..


  10. sakit jiwa says:

    Hi,nak tanyer…sy nak byr hutang ccris…tmpt paling sesuai utk byr kat mana…senang utk sy tau brapa lama nama sy blh clear…jika dah byr semua tp masih nama xclear…apa perlu sy lakukan lg…harap balas dgn segera…tq



    I need a personal loan to clear all my debts…please help me.ASAP


  12. carol says:

    hi, i hav question about car loan. if my ccris is no overdue for current car loan but my name is under ctos because supplementary card problem. can i apply for car loan if tat problem? or any bank is not too strightly for car loan?


  13. tuan syed says:

    Assalamualaikum saudara sy mempunyai rekod ccris dan ctos , skg sy baru sahaja menamatkan latihan sangkut siswazah perantis punb oleh yang demikian sy tidak dapat membuat pinjaman dgn mana2 bank kerana mempunyai rekod ccris rm15k kad kredit dan kereta hilang rm50k. sy berhasrat ingin mempunyai kenderaan 4X 4 atas nama syarikat utk kegunaaan perniagaan


  14. Scott Tucker says:

    Hi, yup this piece of writing is really nice and I
    have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging.


  15. Kali says:

    Q : I can’t wait for another 3 months. How should I do?
    A : If you have some cash that could cover all you outstanding loan, make full settlement. Within 40 days after you did full settlement, the loan record will be deleted from CCRIS. Or you can apply again using full settlement letter from bank.



  16. Shasha says:

    Hi..I need to make loan to settle all my debt. I have a personal loan with RHB. My ex using my name but not paying for that!!! Now it is complicated for me to make other loan, previously have 3 month pending, but i already paid all of it and make a payment on schedule. Now i need to use money and wanna settle all of it. I tried so many bank but still rejected. PLEASE HELP!!!


  17. parthiban sanyasi says:

    i have a black listed in cimb bank and mbf credit but nw i want to applying personal loan rm 15k and pay back to the amount to u by auto debit frm my bank account .

    pls contact me 0102164324


  18. Jenny R Sedomon says:

    i am sorry to say mr Parthiban but dream on..U can never get a loan from any of the banks in Malaysia if you are black listed..Even if u have fully settled the outstanding amount..No bank will give u loan bcos they know u r EX blacklisted. So sorry to say.


  19. guna says:

    Dear sir pls check for me . Can I apply for loan . Because I understand that I have sanding payment aye payback since form Year 2004.


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