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Al Rajhi Credit Card Balance Transfer


Al Rajhi Bank is offering Credit Card Balance Transfer plan for a 24, 36, 48 and 60 months with financing rate of 7.99% per annum. The minimum transfer amount is RM2,000 and they will be no fee for early settlement.

If you are looking longer balance transfer plan with fixed rate, then you should choose this one as no other bank offers balance transfer plan up to 60 months.

Btw the financing rate is 7.99% per annum…can you really save interest on credit card by transferring your credit card balance into this fixed rate plan?

Case 1: You have RM10,000 outstanding in credit card. Based on the rule of minimum payment of 5% OR RM50 whichever is higher, you need to pay RM508 for the next monthly minimum payment. The RM508 calculated based on 18% interest per annum. By following this minimum payment rule, your outstanding balance will be settle in 88 months, with total interest paid of RM3,973.

Case 2: You decided to transfer your credit card balance to Al Rajhi balance transfer plan for the maximum tenure of 5 years (60 months). Based on the 7.99% p.a., your monthly repayment will fix at RM233. Total interest paid throughout the 60 months is RM3,995. So what do you see here? Surprisingly you end up paying more interest, around RM27 more…ya, that is the cons. What about the pros? You actually reduce your monthly commitment for the 1st month…instead of paying minimum payment of RM508, you are paying at RM233. The other good point is, you can settle your debt shorter than the case 1.

So if you are looking for plan that can reduce your current monthly commitment on credit card, and at the same time can settle credit card debt faster, then this could be the good choice. And if you also wanted to pay less interest, you should consider shorter plan than the 60 months plan.

6 Responses to Al Rajhi Credit Card Balance Transfer

  1. Hazim says:

    Saya dah lame pakai Kad Caj al-Rajhi ni. Memang memudahkan. Kalau lambat dalam seminggu or dua minggu pun. Langsung takde caj yang dikenakan. Just bayar jer hutang asal dan terus boleh guna


  2. joebala says:

    Aku baru apply caj kad bulan lepas, malang nya x lepas. Bank kata komitmen aku tinggi.. Xde rezeki lagi.


  3. Hazim says:

    nak apply kad caj alrajhi ni agak susah.Macam2 dokumen dia nak.Pastu limit tak tinggi lak tu


  4. goldironman says:

    Kad caj alrajhi kena RM50 government tax juga setiap tahun?


  5. Aminudin Md. Zain says:

    bagaimana memohon Al Rahji Credit Card Balance Tranfer


  6. ahmad shokri baharom says:

    saya berminat dgn kemudahan balance transfer ni …. current cc bank HSBC with total
    up to $35K .how to applyy


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