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Again, have you paid your Zakat?


Pay Zakat before 31 December 2012 to entitle you to claim for tax rebate in your income tax submission for Tahun Taksiran 2012.

This has become a yearly event in BH where I will remind myself and others to pay for zakat before year end to eligible you to claim the amount paid for tax rebate in your income tax submission next year. For those who are not participated in  ”Skim Potongan Gaji” for Zakat, or maybe want to contribute more on top of the monthly deduction, you may have to pay your Zakat by end of this year to eligible you to claim the amount paid for tax rebate in your income tax submission next year.

There is no limit in tax rebate for Zakat as per LHDN’s website. So you could claim up to the maximum of tax charged. Instead of your money goes to income tax, you would better pay it for Zakat, which is obligatory to all Muslims.


Payment method?

  • Visit directly to any Kaunter Zakat, bank or POS office that are partners to the Pusat Zakat Negeri
  •  Make payment via online banking. Example are shown below.

Payment through bill payment in Maybank2U

Payment through bill payment in CIMB Clicks


3 Responses to Again, have you paid your Zakat?

  1. Jogho says:


    I have a question, how can we calculate the amount of zakat for 2012 before we receive the 2012 EA forms from our employer? The same applies for zakat calculations from investments in ASB, because we can only know the actual dividends we have received after 31st Dec. 2012.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Not yet, Thanks for the very useful post. I will think about it inshAllah :)


  3. shan says:

    Can a muslim employee pay zakat and instruct his employer to pay less of the monthly PCB deductions to the Inland Revenue?



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