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35% Discount of Legoland Ticket with Maybankard Superman


Maybank recently has launched their new debit card, namely Maybankard Superman Visa Debit Card, targeting teenagers and young adults as the main cardholders.

Maybank, that has a share of 53% in debit billings offering numerous discounts and benefits in the new debit card. The benefits are:

  •  Shop at millions of Visa outlets worldwide.
  • Use it as your ATM card to withdraw cash locally and overseas.
  • Earn 1 Treats Points for every RM3 spent and enjoy privileges when you shop.
  • The additional value of this card are:
    • Upon application of this card, cardmembers will be given a voucher consist of the following :
      • 10% discount at all DC Super Hero stores in Malaysia. This promotion is valid until 31st March 2014.
      • Buy one (1) free one (1) TGV passes. This voucher is valid for one time use only and it is valid until 31st August 2013.
      • 35% discount on normal price of Legoland ticket and this offer is valid for maximum for 4 tickets. This offer is valid until 31 August 2013.
  • Set your own purchase limit up to RM5,000.
  • No income requirement for application, no finance and late charges or annual fees.
  • Use it to pay bills or transfer money.
  • Peace of mind with smart chip security.
  • Track your online transactions via Maybank2u

Mabankard Superman Debit Card


One Response to 35% Discount of Legoland Ticket with Maybankard Superman

  1. Jogho says:

    Maybank charged me RM12 for my Maybankard Superman Visa Debit Card application. Is this standard practice?


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